Ancient Corinth

A journey in History and Time


The site of ancient Corinth was first inhabited in the Neolithic period (6500-3250 B.C.). It is located at the northern base of the hill of Acrocorinth at the site of today’s agglomeration, Ancient Corinth. Its fertile soil but mainly its strategic location at the intersection of land routes from the Balkan peninsula of Aimos and mainland Greece on towards the Peloponnese and waterways that connect the western Mediterranean to its Eastern counterpart, to Asia Minor and to Syro-Palestine, offered the region from very early on enormous potential for communication, growth and prosperity.

Ancient Corinth

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The city was protected by the fortress on Acrocorinth, which overlooked the main city area. Trade and civic activities took place in the agora, which by its situation and layout gives visitors a real sense of the scale of ancient greek agoras. The remains of the Temple of Apollo is regarded as one of the best examples of early Doric temple building anywhere in the Greek world.

It is worth taking your time here with a guide – or guide book – as there’s much to see and discover which isn’t immediately apparent. A good map will also help you to see which parts are mainly Roman and which are from Greek times.